The Author

Who am I? I guess I am just like the rest who is still trying to fully understand and know oneself. I believe I'm still on a journey somewhere, I'd share if I can be specific but unfortunately it is a mystery to me too.

I'm still learning about everything, never stopped and never will. Life experiences so far has been my greatest teacher. Like every unique individuals we are out there, I do sometimes see things in life from different perspectives. I like observing human behaviors, makes me realize how flawed we all are and that there is no such thing as being perfect, only being right at the right time.

I come from very humble and 'challenging' beginnings, which explains why I have this thing about being grounded and grateful for whatever we have. Material and superficial things which carry no value through time do not interest me. If owning a Benz or a Beemer is your thing and it is paramount that you gotta own one in your life, then good for you. We all have different eyes. We all see things differently.

I see value in the little things we do for each other, whether its with family, a loved one or God himself. I used to ignore and was oblivious to these things until someone I met along my journey in life taught me that. Love carries more value to me. A helpless romantic? Well, not being corny or anything but that's what I found in my journey and hope everybody don't forget how to love.

Grateful to have a good family and special close friends to keep me grounded. Despite such glowing, angelic introductions , I am still flawed like the rest. I'm no saint and not really a sinner either. Neither black or white, that's why I like gray I guess.

Hope we all get to share life experiences and learn from each other should we ever cross paths.

Peace Be Upon You.