By the way, I guess I won the bout' :). I'm in.

About the Black box? That's a tricky one ... let's just put it this way: I got in, managed to open it but it closes again and didn't get the chance to really see what's inside...only glimpses of it. And now, its not around that often for me to check on it.

Do everybody have a flipside to their personality?

I felt honored to have actually been able to open it. Many have failed as I've been told. In fact, many can't even begin to understand the very concept and existence of it. Never expected any reward for such efforts anyway. The answers just came to me almost flawlessly and so seamlessly..it made me locate it and open it effortlessly.

Back on the question of people having a flipside.. do they? I wonder..

I'm experiencing it right now . It makes you wonder how something so surreal turned out to be an illusion after all? it beggars belief especially when it started from a particular time and took a 180-degree turn. Flabbergasted. Gob-smacked.Shocked.Surprised. You name it.

Somehow there are two sides/version to the story. The one that I've been told before and the one now. So which is which? Do I need to believe both now? Which one are you right now?

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  1. Good to see you're back blogging. Always a good read :)