The Bout

What am I doing?

I've been looking for some answers. In some ways, God has been replying. I'm still trying to figure out these revelations for interpretation. I have to say I am pleased with the developments. Of course, like always, it does not come without challenges. An opportunity presented itself and I took it. I delved into the unknown. I did not know what to expect. I have little expectations initially, boy was I overwhelmed by the outcome.

No doubt I have been 'rusty'. After so many years,it was a refreshing experience. I felt alive at that moment. So long have I been laying low in the shadows. The experience was a mixture of good and bad, it had its good moments and awkward ones. I knew it was my time to shine, it took me an eternity to kick start my engines. Plonkers! How could I been so silly? I froze. I never did before. I could do presentations to a group of people but in front of a single entity? I froze.

I feel ridiculous. But if theres one thing I learned throughout all these years, is to be persistent and have perseverance. A lot of successful people have these traits. I know it might take a longer time for me, but I guess I'll follow through. I believe this is one opportunity that can't be missed. Forget failure, I'll give it a good fight. I'll do what I can to prove it.

Time out for Round 1. Must not admit defeat after the first round. Plenty of rounds to turn the odds. Getting back to my rhythm. I WILL give it a good fight. For now, let the opponent think that I'm weak. Give them the illusion of power and control. When the right time comes, I will rise and exert my authority into the 'game'. I know I'm good and I can do this.

Back to my old ways 'Follow your gut, not your thoughts'.

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